Spring Chicks Pre-Order Open

Please use the form below or stop in the store to pre-order chicks from Meyer Hatchery. We will bring them to the store on the designated date and prompt, same-day pickup is required.

Denise Beno, chicken-keeping expert, will be on hand for a few hours each of the pick-up days to answer any questions you may have.

In addition, we’re offering these options to assist you with adding spring chickens to your flock:

  • We can pickup your Meyer Hatchery special order on the dates we’ll be there to save your shipping cost. Just let the store know your ordering information.
  • We’re working with a local farmer to raise chicks into pullets. These will be available starting in late April – call the store when you’re ready for pullets and we’ll let you know what varieties are available.


4 thoughts on “Spring Chicks Pre-Order Open

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