Catch Up With 4th Street Farms

4th Street Farms began on a vacant lot in 2011 in Weinland Park, a neighborhood of the Historic Short North, just as the 6th Street Community Garden was winding down and land transitioning to new housing. All of the founders of 4th Street Farms live on 4th Street and grew up gardening, cooking & canning, as well as raising livestock like chickens, goats & hogs. We all share a passion for growing, eating & sharing. We invite you to join us.

4th Street Farms is open to all with no fences & has regular service days where we all work on the space, which is thickly planted with berries, herbs & vegetables. We have pears, cherries, apples, plums, blueberries, strawberries, passion fruit, currants, mulberries, june berries, blackberries, red, black & golden raspberries…as well as thyme, mint, dill, oregano, cilantro, chives, lovage, rosemary, parsley, asparagus, tomatoes, peppers, cabbage & carrots….

Our focus is on sustainability. The water is harvested from the roof of the house next door, stored in tanks, & feed down buried drip lines on timers. We use organic or natural solutions, no pesticides or chemical fertilizers, compost our food waste into soil, lay wood chip and cardboard to tame the weeds in the paths & choose native or well-adapted plants that are perennial or self-seeding to keep down planting costs. We rely on volunteers & neighbors to grow at 4th Street  IMG_2234.JPG

More than anything, we are working towards a world in which healthy delicious food is widely available to everyone. We look forward to a vibrant 2015 planting some new varieties and hatching our own chickens, as well as participating in Earth Day, Columbus Chicken Coop Tour, Roots & Roofs, Columbus Volunteer Challenge, Weinland Park Community Festival, & Make a Difference Day. Stop by anytime for a self-guided tour. Join us on Facebook and Twitter to follow our adventure or sign up for a volunteer day!


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