Making Cheese with Annie Warmke: Great Stories, Lots of Laughter and Useful Information – in that order…

When: Back to Calendar September 29, 2013 @ 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Where: City Folk's Farm Shop
4760 North High Street
Columbus,OH 43214
Cost: $20
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Cheesemaking is an amazingly easy process. Join Annie Warmke of Blue Rock Station Sustainable Living Farm to learn how to create a basic raw milk cheese that can be made into a variety of easily made cheeses with simple ingredients commonly found in the kitchen. She will also share ways to preserve cheese so that no effort is wasted in “keeping” cheese that can be used for toppings, salads and much more.

Annie Warmke is a goat herder and homesteader…a farmer really. Several years ago she attended a talk on healthy eating and realized that she had the ability to provide healthy milk products for her family just by milking goats. She enjoys keeping goats and loves using their milk in a variety of ways that contribute to the health of her family.

Although Annie was raised a city girl in the north end of Columbus she has always been a country girl at heart. Her last two years of high school took her to live on a farm just outside of Baltimore Ohio and that’s where she discovered her love of rural life. Over the years she has lived on farms, milked goats, won blue ribbons at the fair and enjoyed her
time divided between being a farmer and teaching topics like naturally healthy goats, bottle wall construction, mosiacs, and solar oven making. She also writes books – her latest is THE JOURNEY TOWARDS NOTHING, a story of how she and her husband Jay ended up creating Blue Rock Station, and their annual Thanks For Nothing Month in January when they don’t spend money or energy.

For more information about or to tour Blue Rock Station visit

Cost: $20/person

Register at City Folk’s Farm Shop, by calling 946-5553, or by emailing



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